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How much do you hate unmarked Speed Camera Vans?

We hate them - a lot!


Speed Camera Club - join up - upload TrafficReports

TrafficReport upload to db and MapView

Speed Camera Club - Dual Over-Speed Alerts demo - 12th Feb 2023

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 15th October

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 20th October

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 17th July

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 25th February

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 15th January

Speed Camera Club - Member uploaded Traffic Report - 7th January

Speed Limit Alert - set to trigger at +1 over the limit.

So how does Speed Camera Club™ work?

On the dashboard of Speedo Minder is a button: "Speed Camera Club".

Tap the button to go to the SignUp / Login screen.
Join up for free to the Firebase database "members only" SCC!

After you've joined up it changes to the "TrafficReport" button - ready for you to upload the coords of unmarked Speed Camera Vans and Red-Light Fixed Speed Cameras.

When you spot a Speed Camera Van, a traffic accident, or Red-Light Fixed Speed Camera, or anything you think fellow drivers need to know about - just one quick tap on the TrafficReport (TR) button takes you to the BLUE "Covert Speed Cameras and Mobile Phone Cameras" or the RED "Red-light Speed Camera/Point2Point Speed Cameras" option screen.

Tap the Blue button "Mobile" speed camera Traffic Report to create a 500m radius Geofenced warning zone for the next 4 hours.

Tap the Red button "Red-Light" speed camera Traffic Report to create a 250m radius Geofenced warning zone for the next 12 months.

When you tap the "Mobile" or "Red-Light" button you get 5 seconds to cancel - then you can go back the dashboard or jump to the MapView screen to see your TR upload.

NEW FEATURE! You can now take a 'snapshot' of the MapView and upload it to Facebook or Instagram to alert all your friends.

If you're adding a Red-Light Speed Camera, choose the RED button and add that GPS location to the database for 12 months.

All logged-in members get 12 SpdCamVan location uploads and 6 Red-Light Fixed Speed Camera locations uploads per day.

How is Speedo Minder™ different from my SatNav or NavApp?

Feature - Choose your own repeat alert/warning frequency.

Benefit: - Over-speed warnings PERSIST - Until. You. Slow. Down!


Feature - Choose your own 'Low-Level' Over-Speed warning level: +0 to +5 ~ Mph/Kph.

Benefit: - This Low-Level Alert lets you know you're 'Creeping Over'- time to lift off the gas!


Feature - Choose your own 'High-Level' Over-Speed warning level: +5 to +10 ~ Mph/Kph.

Benefit: - This High-Level Warning lets you know you're 'going WAY too fast' - time to hit the brakes, buddy!

    Speed Camera Club + Speedo Minder Pro Speed Alerts ~ 3-day FREE Trial ~ Fully Featured

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General Settings


Speed Camera Club Dashboard - general settings

Speed Camera Club Dashboard - Reset GPS, Full Mute

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FAQs and Answers


1. How does the Speed Camera Club + Speed Limits (SCC+SL) app work?


- The App gives you Speed Limit data using Open Street Maps API for online road data.
The SCC+SL App monitors your GPS speed against your customized 'Over-Speed' settings.


2. How does SCC+SL help me?


- When you exceed your pre-set 'Over-Speed' the SCC+SL App
delivers an Audio and Visual and Haptic Alert from your phone to give you a warning to check your speed.


3. Do I have to be online?


- Yes! SCC+SL will use your phone's 4G to make API calls for road data.
But you will need the app running in the foreground and the phone has to be open to the sky for the GPS signal.


7. What is the icon in the top left corner?


- This is a GPS strength meter. Also if you tap it the app will 're-start' which can be useful if the GPS has jammed or stalled.

8. Why do I need to give permission for location services?


- The App needs your GPS location in order to know what the local speed limit is.
The best setting is 'Always Allow' as this sets the app to work temporarily in the background, as well as on the main screen.


9. What are the best settings in configurations?


- Drivers will find their own configuration to best suit their driving conditions.
Setting the ‘Over-Speed’ to +3 or +4 and the ‘Repeat Alert Frequency’ to every 2 to 4 seconds will work for most drivers.


11. What is ‘Run in Background?


- If you need to answer a call the App will continue to ‘run in the background' like during a quick phone call.
Note that the Apple OS will 'hibernate' some apps if they're not running in the foreground. 


12. Will Speedo Minder Pro work with Bluetooth hands-free & headphones for calls and music?


- The answer is 'yes'.
To keep the speed alerts coming just be sure to keep the Speedo Minder dashboard visible on the main screen with other apps running in behind.


13. What about Motorcycle Riders?


- If you run a Bluetooth Helmet or earbuds, (maybe with music too?) just set your music running first, 'then' start the App, check your settings and with the Speed Camera Club app showing on the dashboard screen, place your phone in your top/side pocket. The app will run with the GPS signal fine, sending Over-Speed Alerts over the top of the music or phone calls. Be careful of draining your battery. GPS can be thirsty!!

Key Takeaways

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Contact Information

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general information please email.